She begged every questions

Acted like the pantomath

Contentious in her core

Twisting my words

Churlish she, in my eyes

Precipitated hate and

Resulted animosity

Invoking something

Truculent in my bones

Penurious that made me feel

Untoward face of mine

With her overweening pride

In her intelligence and might

Cowed me maybe

Her courage, and confidence

She was not a pariah

But a friend of mine

Epiphany it was

Apogee of my day



  • **Poem written for special purpose of memorizing GRE words

Assignments are sedulously done

Alacrity to sing invaded my mind

Feckless, but decided to do

Indigent, it will make me later,

What can I do,

Choleric emotions, repressed then

Music defrays cost of stress

Sorrows are expunged fully

Vicissitudes occur

When she enters

Prosaic, she curses me

Fractious friend she is,

Equivocated every notion

Launching diatribe on me

It made nadir of my day

Saturnine, my face turned

Goodbye, I bid farewell

And dived into

Jubilant mood of mine…